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Why our clients and we choose Xero?

Growing a small business isn?t the sprint you thought it was going to be, it's more like a marathon. The last thing you need is an accounting system that requires constant updates, costs you way too much money to support, adds cost to your bookkeeping or much worse, is too hard to you to use. So hard that you do everything to avoid doing the books and end up leaving it your accountant at tax time.

A sick accounting system means bad numbers for your business, that was the old way of accounting.

Cloud-based business platform

Xero launched in the cloud and has been built from the ground up to operate in the cloud. The result is a simple use accounting system that's powerful and is loved by small businesses owners around the world

Businesses' no longer need to battle with business systems that don't talk to each other. With Xero at the centre, your inventory, billing, project management, expense tracking, budgeting and customer relationship management systems, can all share data without you re-entering anything. Being on the cloud means all you need to do is create the links and forget.

Imagine each morning logging-in to your accounting system only to find all of yesterday bank transactions, new customers, Stripe Transactions, PayPal transactions, supplier invoices and new employees are there waiting for you, without you having to lift a finger.? Reconciliations are even easy with suggested matches for you.

All of this would be a time saver, helping you focus on what's important for your business to succeed. This is Xero today.

Share data with the people that can help

No more problems with providing the wrong report or a box full of invoices to your accountant.? Your advisors will see what you can, in real-time. Your accountant can now keep a watch over your business and provide you with advice when you need it, and not at the year-end.

This is only the beginning. Take back your time and gain confidence in the financial health of your business.

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 Get a free 30 day Xero Trial

It’s important that you choose the right software for your business. If you would like help setting up Xero, we would love to help - that’s why we became Xero Partners after all. But if you would prefer to go it alone and have a bit of tinker, Xero offer a 30 day free trial. Feel free to tryout all of features and at the end of your trial we would love to talk - just reach out and contact us when done.


Some of the features of Xero


Get Paid Faster

Improve your cash flow. Send online invoices and collect payments faster on the spot with built-in support for PayPal and Stripe.


Your businesses financials are will you where ever you are. Raise and invoice, snap a photo of your expenses, check out your P&L or even check if that late customer has paid. All on your phone.

Single touch payroll ready

Xero’s Payroll not only lets you pay employees, track employee leave balances and prepare your Activity Statements with ease. Xero payroll is Single Touch Payroll (STP) ready, meaning we can help you lodge your STP returns without hassle right inside of Xero. You can even automate your super payments and grab a payroll only version of Xero, just so that you can comply.


Have a question about Xero?

Are you ready for your business to subscribe to Xero, need some help setting up Xero or even converting from Quickbooks. We are here to help, leave us a question and our team of Certified Xero experts will get back to you.


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