Who are Numbersowl

Our Mission

To reduce small business failures due to poor cash flow management

About us

Numbersowl has been created by CFOPartners Chartered Accountants. We understand that founders and their teams need to focus on growing their business. They don't have the time or energy to pour over pages of confusing financial reports, analysis what the numbers mean, develop financial strategies, pay taxes and manage payrolls.

We believe a businesses numbers should be simple yet trusted.

That's why we've developed an efficient virtual service that provides you with practical, flexible and cost effective solutions that are perfectly tailored to suit the demands and growth of your business.

At each stage of the journey we provide you with meaningful number insights to help you nail your financial strategy, manage your cash flow and raise capital, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our trained professionals are passionate about strengthening small businesses and are dedicated to forming trusting relationships from startup to exit. Using Xero, our team assist you in raising capital, setting forecasts, budgeting, reporting and establishing achievable financial targets, all of which will reduce your stress and see your business succeed.

Why the Owl?

We choose an owl for our logo due to the owls vision and ability to keep watching from afar until it’s time to strike. The owl plans and then launches quickly with accuracy. At Numbersowl, we are watching our clients numbers, when they are focused on building great products, team and customer bases. We help our clients plan their financial path and when the need arrises our CFOs move quickly to make sure our clients remain on track to achieve goals.

How we help clients


Stop being the bookkeeper and accountant. Get back time to focus on sales, customers, and product, or what matters to you.



Don't wait until you have no cash left. Know where your business is headed with clear KPIs, dashboards and monthly reports.



Growing a business can be hard. You're not alone - our CFOs have helped companies raise capital, founders exit and more. Just ask, and we'll help.


Meet our founder

Danuel Rebecca Photo

Meet Danuel

Danuel isn’t your ordinary CFO, Danuel has built his career on using technology to deliver businesses with accounting results and advice that’s clear, simple and trusted. Danuel, being a founder himself and Chartered Accountant, loves working with startups and high growth businesses. Helping small businesses succeed. In the early mornings, you can find Danuel riding his bike. Danuel enjoys spending time with his family and watching Basketball.