Efficient Bookkeeping with Numbersowl and Receiptbank

Are you looking for a fast and efficient bookkeeping process.  It all starts with receiptbank.

How Numbersowl and Receiptbank can improve your bookkeeping

Hire a bookkeeper for your business.

The role of the bookkeeper has changed.  Bookkeeping is no longer about data entry, instead it’s a role that focuses on the integrity and accuracy of the your accounting data.  Thanks to amazing tools like Receiptbank, small to medium clients of Numbersowl are benefiting from efficient, accurate and yes, cheaper bookkeeping.

No longer is there a need to forward boxes on receipts and invoices to your bookkeeper.  Instead, you send invoices and receipts to Receiptbank. It doesn’t matter if you are on the go, or sitting at a desktop. You can forward invoices to Receiptbank using a personalised email address or even snap a photo of a receipt using the mobile apps (iOS and Android).  You can even avoid all of this by using the automated fetch process where invoices are obtained directly from your suppliers website.

The real magic starts when the documents are received.  Using an automated process that has been developed over many years, Receiptbank extracts key data from the invoice, the supplier, the amount spent, the currency, the invoice number and even the payment method. Your bookkeeper will review this information once and set up automation for the supplier ready for the next invoice.  All invoices will be sent to Xero, ready for payment and reimbursement.

With Numbersowl and Receiptbank your bookkeeping is done within hours of receiving the invoice, not weeks or months.

Here’s how Numbersowl helps build great businesses with Receiptbank


No more pockets full of receipts.  Snap a photo using the mobile app as you spend the money, then dispose of the receipt.  It’s that easy.


Set rules for each supplier, so that you know the expense is recorded in Xero the right way the first time. 


Losing receipts becomes a problem of the past.  Ensure you can claim 100% of the GST or sales tax every time.


Focus on the future not the past. Don’t wait weeks or months to learn how your business is performing.  Find out in hours. 

Ask us how we can save you time and money with Receiptbank

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