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Why hire a business advisor.

Bookkeeping and Accounting provide you will a great view of what has happened in your business. Good business management means you need to have a good understanding of the past but be always looking to the future. It's important that you have the right advice that will help your business build a plan for how it will develop.

Whether you are a startup looking for capital, looking to acquire a business or looking to sell your business.  Our advisors can help you develop business and financial plans to help you achieve your goals

Here’s how our Advisors have helped

  • Developed a financial function for a small high growth information technology services provider, automating key tasks with Xero, receipt-bank and more.

  • Developed a financial reports for a multinational companies board meetings.

  • Helped prepare financial models for capital raising rounds ranging from $500k through to $10m.

  • Assisted founders achieve an exit through business sales in deals worth $800k to $40m.

  • Ran the due diligence process for deals from $10m through to $40m

  • Advised on the purchase of businesses.


Here’s how a advisor helps you plan and grow


Financial Modelling & Costing

Make better decisions with flexible financial models that help you understand your revenue and costs, and plan for the future. We have prepared financial models for large multinational business, capital raising, business exists, business forecasts and acquisitions.

Capital Raising

Need capital. We help startups and growing businesses figure out their capital needs and then prepare for the capital raising.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding the value of a business can help you make sure you don’t pay to much or sell at price that’s too low. Our advisors can help you prepare for a sale or undertake an acquisition.


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