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Why hire a virtual CFO.

Growing a business from nothing into a global giant is the dreams of many founders. The trouble is achieving lofty goals requires capital, an ability to understand your businesses financials and the time to focus on growing the business. All of these are in short supply

To make sure goals are achieved?many small businesses turn to a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for help, and then turn away when because of the cost. Thanks to great tools like Xero, Spotlight reporting, Futrli, and Receiptbank; you can have the best of best worlds. A CFO and the money to grow your business

You can hire a virtual CFO to join your team for as long as you need, or get an Interim CFO to help you through a capital raise, business sale, business acquisition or just until you find the right full-time CFO.

Growing a business is tough, the last thing you need to worry about is managing the finances and handling the bookkeeping. This is where a CFO As a Service (CFOaaS) can help. Learn the benefit of outsourcing your finance team.


Here’s how a CFO helps you manage cash flow



Don’t operate in the dark, you need to be able to measure it to manage it. Our CFOs help businesses find the right KPIs, develop performance dashboards and manage performance with eyes wide open.


As you grow corporate governance becomes critical. Our CFOs sit on boards regularly, present financial reports and monitor tax compliance.  All so you can get on with developing products and growing your market share without the stress of managing a finance team.


Business strategy is all about trade-offs. A CFO will help you understand how decisions impact your business today and tomorrow. So you can scale in confidence even overseas.

 Get a free business benchmark report

Most businesses are unique, but within an industry, costs can be similar. ?Knowing how your business is doing compared to others in your industry can help you plan, control costs and choose where?you need to focus your time.

Discover where your revenue, expenses, and profit sit compared to similar businesses to yours today.


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