Shed light on your cash flow and make decisions fast with Futrli.

Operating in the dark is a recipe for failure.  Improve your chances of success with budgets and live reporting that shines a light on your cashflow helps you manage business performance.

How to get control of your cashflow and growth

Hire a bookkeeper for your business.

Did you know that 80% of Spreadsheets contain errors but we still rely on this error prone method to prepare budgets and report on business performance?

On top of this problem, most of the time preparing a budget is actually spent preparing the spreadsheet to prepare the budget rather than thinking about the figures.  Don’t fall for the trap of the default option – spreadsheets.  Numbersowl tried software from Spotlight reporting, to Profitee and more, to settle on a solution we believe can help you prepare budgets accurately fast.  Yet is flexible enough to allow advanced scenarios to help you make decisions while integrating with Xero to prepare live dashboard reports.

We have selected Futrli to bring you smart budgets and forecasts, that helps you keep in control of your cashflow, live dashboard reports that bring your forecasts and actual data to life and tools to help you collaborate with your business partners faster.

Stop struggling with your spreadsheets and worrying if you are on the right track.  Let Numbersowl help you implement Futrli, show you how to build budgets and get in control of your businesses growth.

Here’s how Futrli helps our clients grow


With custom charts and more you can drill into data to find patterns and stories you didn’t know existed.


See where your business is headed and what’s needed to continue driving the business in the right direction. 


Don’t wonder, just ask ‘what-if’.  Discover what happens when you change key assumptions about your businesses future fast. 


Alerts in your inbox that help you keep your business healthy. Alerts help you monitor KPIs and take action the moment there is a problem. 

Talk to us about using Futrli to manage your business’ performance.

Are you ready to gain insight into the financial health of your business and start growing it to its fullest potential? Do you have questions about how a bookkeeper can help your business? We?ll be happy to hear from you, so don?t hesitate to reach out to us!

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