Focus on growth, not company compliance.

Our ASIC registered agents will help you incorporate a company in Australia, lodge your annual returns with ASIC and make sure any changes to your company are lodged before ASIC fines you.

Register an Australian Company with the help of an Accountant

Hire a bookkeeper for your business.

Sure you can register an Australian company online in minutes, have your ABN application lodged and even start to open a bank account.  While it all seems easy and can cost you less than $600.  Making you a mistake can cost you thousands in legal and accounting fees later.

Numbersowl’s company registration service involves no automatic algorithms, includes a 30minute discussion with one of our Chartered Accountants and a full review by a registered ASIC agent prior to lodgement.  It’s all about building strong foundations for your business, and it starts with making sure the share structure, the directors you appoint, the state that you incorporate in, and the entities you incorporate will support your plans and not cost you thousands.

Did you know that many venture capitalists recommend multiple entity structures for your company, this protects your intellectual property and helps you expand.  Trouble is most business start out with 1 entity and then it costs $10,000+ to restructure when it’s time to add serious capital.  This is just one topic our accountants will discuss with you.

What is an ASIC registered agent.

numbersowl (CFOPartners Pty Ltd) is a registered ASIC agent number 38374.  This means we are able to lodge documents with ASIC on your behalf so that you remain compliant with the Corporations Act.  We do this electronically using documents that have been e-signed by you, which is great if your shareholders and directors are located around Australia or the world.  Here’s what we do:

  • Maintain your company registers of shareholders, directors and business addresses
  • Lodge changes to your company details, shareholders, directors and more with ASIC
  • Register new companies in Australia
  • Monitor lodgement requirements so that you avoid late fees
  • Make sure you meet ASICs annual compliance requirements so that you avoid de-registration

Why use an ASIC Registered Agent

Focus on your business

You leave your tax to an expert, why risk not complying with the Corporations Act.  Focus on growing your business, let the experts manage your company compliance. 


For a small affordable annual fee, your company compliance is managed for you.  Can you afford not to?

No more manual forms

All changes to your company register need to be signed by directors and at times shareholders.  We prepare all of these forms for you and make sure the right people e-sign before lodgement.

Save money

Did you know that ASIC needs to be notified within 28 days when details of your company change?  Failure to do this can cost a lot of money in fines.  Avoid spending money you don’t have to. 

Our pricing packages

Australian Company Incorporation



During our 30minute zoom conference call, we will walk you through the forms needed to incorporate in Australia and resolve any questions you may have.

  • A 30minute advisory session with an accountant
  • All lodgement forms prepared for you
  • An Australian Company ACN
  • Your Company Consitution (PDF)
  • 10% of your first years registered ASIC service
  • Any changes within 7 days to the registration lodged for you
  • Free ABN application lodgement.
  • Our fee includes all ASIC fees.

ABN Application Lodgement



Set-up for Xero for your new business. Your advisor will set-up banks feeds, account names, customise invoices and more.

  • Prepare and lodge ABN application forms for 1 company.

ASIC Registered Agent Service


Per year

Take the worry about Corporations Act compliance away, our ASIC agents will make sure ASIC is notified of all your company changes.

  • Obtain and review your company annual report from ASIC
  • Ensure your annual solvency declaration is signed.
  • Process and lodge changes to company details
  • Process and lodge changes to company shareholdings
  • Appoint new directors
  • Lodge voluntary liquidation forms
  • Process and lodge changes to share structure.
  • and more.

All prices include GST where applicable. You can learn more about our Terms of Service

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