Xero Software: The Accounting Equalizer for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Before Xero Software


The world of small business is changing. In the past, a small business owner’s laptop had a spreadsheet application, presentation software, a word processor and maybe a creative suite for industry-specific work. This was the electronic business toolkit.

You would spend your time customising these bits of software to fit your needs. You'd most likely develop templates for each type of document. Perhaps you would develop specific spreadsheets to resemble professional invoices, while also crafting presentations to fit the aesthetic your clients desire.

None of these office suites would include an accounting package. As a result, you would need to buy one and in some cases hire an employee to handle your financials. But, today the modern small business has to take accounting in-house to be competitive.

This is where Xero software has come to help.

Xero and Small Businesses

Xero was designed to take advantage of cloud technology. It offers easy-to-use accounting solutions for your small business. Xero was founded in New Zealand in 2006 and is now used by more than 180 different countries worldwide. This innovative software has helped countless small businesses break away from traditional desktop accounting. Xero favors a cloud-based approach to accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management and business reporting. The developers of Xero took a fresh approach to how small businesses manage their financials, and the result is both innovative and effective.

Fitting the Needs of Business Owners

The focus behind Xero was developing a product that addresses the pain points of time-poor, busy small business owners and start-up founders. The resulting financial collaboration app has become a favorite among business owners and accounting experts. Xero even earned the developers the Experts Choice Award in 2017. The Xero system was developed to meet the needs of growing businesses, by becoming the accessible accounting app of note. Additionally, thanks to its inbuilt functionality with the cloud, Xero is extremely user-friendly and secure. It integrates easily with other accounting apps. The app adds value by saving time and money.

Usability and Reputation

Part of the value of the Xero platform is that novice users or users who have no actual accounting background find it easy and even enjoyable to use. In this way, the people at Xero were able to break away from the stigma of accounting. Xero allows the non-expert to do their own thing while they managed their business. However, the core of accounting and its best practices remain consistent and useful in a professional setting. These abilities are some of the major assets of the Xero experience.?Xero handles financial management effectively and efficiently for any industry.

Xero has built a brand based on results as well as agility and power.For more helpful tips for high growth small businesses and start-ups, be sure to subscribe to our blog.