Tips and tricks when using Xero

Looking to save time with your Xero bookkeeping. You're not alone. Love it or hate it, every good small business knows that good bookkeeping and accounting?is vital. Luckily, the accounting software Xero has made life as easy as possible for small businesses, but there are?features and tricks of the platform that you aren't aware of that could make keeping on top of your?bookkeeping and accounting easier.

1. Shortcuts to supercharge your Xero bookkeeping

Everyone loves a fast, efficient shortcut, and Xero has some particularly handy ones for inserting dates when invoicing. For today's date, press tab, and for tomorrow's, type 'tom' - and there are plenty of others. You can also use shortcuts to navigate around Xero, by pressing the forward-slash (/) key in combination with 'c' (view contacts), 'i' (invoices), 'a' (bank accounts), and others.

2. Embrace tabs

You already know the joys of multiple tabs when browsing the internet, but Xero gives you that same versatility for your automated accountancy needs as well. When opening a link, left-click it while holding 'Ctrl' and start viewing multiple pages of your organisation at the same time, and close them by right-clicking on the tab.

3. Inbuilt calculator

Yes, clear your desk and use Xero's own calculator, which allows you to build arithmetic calculations into your invoices. Use the add, minus, multiply (*) and divide (/) keys when, for example, adding entries for price and let Xero give you the answer when you press enter.

4. Email reminders

Many small business operators will say that chasing up clients with payment reminders is among the most frustrating uses of time during the day. But Xero is happy to do that for you. You can set up automatic email reminders to be sent out to clients when an invoice is nearly due, due or overdue, tailoring the timing and even adding a custom message. And we all have those golden clients who always pay on time and don't need a reminder, so switch it off just for them.

5. Use templates

Small businesses burn precious time chasing up payments, but even more is wasted in generating the same, regular invoices or bills to the same clients, over and over. You can, however, set up a template in Xero and have the software automatically generate these sorts of invoices or bills according to your specifications which are then sent to the Draft tab for review.There are plenty more Xero bookkeeping timesavers, what do you think of our timesaving tips - why don't you share your favourite Xero bookkeeping tip by leaving a comment.