Most Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have a thousand things competing for their attention every day. With rapidly changing priorities, a million little details, and the need to manage teams and partners, no two days are exactly alike. Not only is your mobile device crucial for keeping you connected with clients, partners, and employees, but it's also an essential productivity tool. Your schedule, tasks, priorities, even brainstorming notes and ideas are probably all in your phone right this minute.

With the right apps, your phone can work as hard for your business as you do, and here are some of the best for entrepreneurs and small business owners:

For Managing Cash Flow:

Xero. Xero gives you an accurate, real-time view of your cash flow and financials, no matter where you are. Create invoices, track inventory, convert currencies, create purchase orders, pay bills, and even claim expenses from your mobile device. Xero gives you the immediate insights and information you need to stay on top of your business and make key decisions at home and on the road.

For Learning New Things in a Snap:

Blinkist. There's never enough time to read everything you want to, and sometimes you need to brush up on a topic in a hurry. Enter Blinkist. Blinkist has a library of thousands of non-fiction books: you choose the book you want, and the app creates a bite-sized summary that can be read or listened to in less than 15 minutes. Whether you want to boost your professional skills, refresh your memory, or explore something new, Blinkist is a great way to learn fast, on your terms.

For Your Social Presence:

Buffer. While there are a whole lot of social media management tools out there,?Buffer?is a fast and simple way to manage all of your social accounts in one spot. Write and schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and G+. Buffer will not only post your content for you, but also create streamlined analytics, so you can quickly track key metrics, identify your top-performing posts, and optimize your social presence. It also makes it easy to work with video, gifs, and images on every channel.

For International Projects:

Timezone. Today's increasingly mobile, location-independent entrepreneur has to manage contacts and do business all over the world. Timezone makes it easy, by attaching a location and a time to your contacts. Managing international teams, meetings, and contacts has always been complicated, but the team at Timezone are up to the challenge.

For Time and Productivity Management:

Hours. Believe it or not, sometimes your phone is not just a focus, but it's also a distraction. The Hours app is the easiest way to keep track of your time and let you know how productive you are being, on any device, with a list of timers attached to each task and priority. Now available for teams, Hours makes time tracking and reporting easier than ever. Use each day to the maximum and get insights into your time management every week with Hours.

For When You're Not on Your Mobile:

Pushbullet. During those rare times when you are not on your mobile, Pushbullet connects all your devices and makes them work as one. With Pushbullet, your phone notifications and incoming messages can be displayed on your desktop or laptop, and you can quickly send files and links to any of your devices. Let your phone charge without missing a beat, by syncing all your devices through Pushbullet.This generation of mobile apps is simpler, more streamlined, and more powerful than ever before. Make your phone truly a partner in your business by using it to the fullest with the right apps.