Importance of branding for startups

Branding?is one of those areas that we often neglect in the early days. ?After all, with all of the focus on getting the product right, who really has time for a serious marketing campaign to build a brand. ?Trouble is a product focus, can cause your new business problems right from the start. ??The reality is your product is there to solve a problem. ?What is more important in the early stages is positioning your product in the minds of your targeted customers as means to solve a particular problem. ?That problem may be different to the one you set out to solve, but the importance here is that you have rented a part in your targeted customers mind.This is why, even from a Chief Financial Officer, marketing and creating a brand is a crucial area for all businesses. ?You need to focus on it before it's too late. The good news is you don't need to be develop extravagant marketing campaigns. ?At the early stages as with any stage of business its about return on investment. ?Start out small, look at the set up of your store, your website, the user interface for your app and even your Facebook pages, do they communicate to your customers a consistent rememberable message. ?It even extents to how you invoice your customers, the email templates you set up in Xero and even the way you talk to potential customers.Branding is the?message you convey about your business at every touch point.Having the right branding at the start can help you attract the right customers, reduce your marketing spend and importantly set your business up for that explosive growth. ?This is why many startups with promising products gain huge amounts of investment capital - to invest in brand. ?Your product will grow and solve problems and your customers will grow too.So when was the last time branding was discussed amount your founding team. ?If you have been focused on product more than brand, it's time to change path and increase your focus on branding to at least an equal footing.Still not convinced - here's why the Chief Marketing Officers of Facebook, Slack and Zynga also think branding is crucial from startup to business maturity too.[embed][/embed]