How the cloud benefits small business

Remember the days when the Internet?was something your browsed when you had spare time, ?used for research,??or simply used?to check those annoying email messages... ?No so long ago, was it!!!

The internet of today is an exciting part of modern life.??Businesses of all sizes?have access to new ways to reach new markets, new ways to reach customers and importantly new ways to operate. ??The internet has levelled the playing field, business has become sociable, technology has lost its geekiness and starting a business has become an industry.

The?internet?has enabled the?business model disruptions we see today.

The reason for the internets rise in prominence has been the rapid advances in technology?over the past 20 years. Data is delivered to businesses over the air or in cables at speeds unimaginable in the past and?compute capabilities have exploded. ?The super computer of yesterday resides in our pockets today.

All of this has given us the mega datacenters - buildings that are filled with computers, all interconnected and available to businesses on-demand. ?We have even coined a term for these data centres, the Cloud. ?The mystical place in the sky that stores our data and delivers us the internet.

The cloud provides businesses of all sizes an ability to concentrate their business operations on what they do best, reduce capital spend and access best of bread software. ?Businesses don't need to tie up capital in their own datacenter, instead they can outsource the operation of servers and the security of those services to Infrastructure provides. ?These modern day utilities, or Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) providers provide you with on-demand compute power and storage capacity - allowing you to scale when needed without the delay of building new infrastructure.

Think about it - no servers to worry about!!

Still not sure how the cloud can benefit you,?servers can be confusing after all, but what about the data stored on them. ??Enter Software as a Service (SaaS).

SaaS is one of my favourite developments - ?SaaS allows businesses to subscribe to centrally hosted applications delivered over the internet without the hassle of installing software. ?SaaS applications are centrally hosted software applications and are typically accessible from anywhere through?an internet browser. ??Instead of spending a fortune or skimping any buying software that doesn't do what you need,?SaaS applications are paid for via monthly subscription fee.? SaaS applications?grow with your business allowing you to easily add licences or features as your business needs change.

With SaaS the function over interoperability equation is lost for ever - ?SaaS applications can talk to each other. ?Imagine this - your accounting system talks to your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and your CRM talks to your project management system. ?All of this without you having to life a finger, ensuring you have one view of the data inside your business and given you access to the best of breed tools for your business.

Your advisors can come to the party too, no more emailing files or finding that spare desk for when your advisors visit.??You simply given them user access to your SaaS delivered business applications and can access what you can live.

With the cloud infrastructure, software and advisor costs are reduced - providing you and your advisor with the ability to focus on what's important, your business and your customers.

The team at CFOSPOT?can help you choose Cloud Software for your business and implement tools like Xero. ?Get started today,?contact us.