Get more time: Delegate for success

Learning to delegate can be the difference between success and failure for any startup and small business. ? Any business coach will tell you, you have fantastic skills, but your business and your employees will only achieve greatness if you learn to let go. ?Sure we've all heard the stories about the CEO that sleeps 4 hours a day, and can be found at the office from the early hours of the morning.

Small business' can be amazing, dynamic places to work, where employees and the founders often wear many hats -?sales, marketing, technical expert, software developer,?strategist, board member and the CFO.While in a bootstrapped environment this approach can save some cost,?it can have a disastrous impact on the future success of the business.?Often when an individual or group are forced to take on too many tasks, time is spent focusing on the the detail and fighting fires rather than on building the business for success.

Deep down we all know something has to change, but delegation can be a scary concept. Especially when the team has managed to get the business so far. ?Sharing the responsibilities should be daunting concept, it can actually mean the difference between the success and failure of a business.

After an initial learning curve, delegation will save time, improve productivity and boost employee engagement. ?You do need to be careful though, delegating requires great communication, upfront patience, finding the right people and choosing tasks that are suited to delegation.

Accounting is the perfect candidate for ?a role to delegate. When you delegate accounting to the right person, you gain the experience and skills of a professional accountant, and this experience can?be invaluable to the business.