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4 Tasks Start-up Founders Should Outsource

If you are like most start-up founders, you are wearing so many hats right now that you can hardly keep them straight.? And you probably need some advice with some of the functions and features of business-ownership.? Before you get too overwhelmed, consider the amazing practice of outsourcing.

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What to look for in a small business bookkeeper

A great bookkeeper will be come an integral part of your team. Bookkeeping is no longer about just entering your receipts ready for tax time. Bookkeeping is about understanding the business and providing realtime input into business decisions. Trusting your bookkeeper has never been more important - here's what to look for when choosing a bookkeeper.

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Get more time: Delegate for success

Small business and startup founders often skip of the art to delegate, taking on more and more responsibilities until finally something bursts - the business stops growing, or worst yet runs out of cash. The reason - everyone was too busy to notice. Success is often the result of delegation is it time your business delegated.

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