8 Reasons to Start Your Own Business Instead of Working for Someone Else


Starting your own business is a big step--and it's one you may have been on the fence about for a while. Is it worth stepping out and working on your own, rather than working for someone else?

Does it really have that many benefits?

You know you are sick of punching in at the same time every day just to make someone else's business successful, but is that enough reason to take on the risk?

Being your own boss isn't for everyone, but if you have that drive to start a business, it's definitely worth exploring. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to become your own boss:

Reason #1: You'll Be Following Your Passion

There's nothing quite like the excitement and motivation that shows up when you're passionate about going into work every day. When you start your own business, you'll be following that passion. This will help you transform every day from bland to amazing.

Reason #2: You May Get Some Exciting Tax Perks

Many people who own their own businesses are relieved to discover the many tax perks that come along with that ownership. They might, for example, be able to write off travel or even qualify for government incentives, depending on the type of business in question. If you want to experience those tax benefits, starting your own business is the best way to make it happen.

Reason #3: Starting Your Own Business Yields Flexibility

While you'll probably find yourself working longer hours while you're getting your business off the ground, eventually, you'll have more free time on your hands. Even in those early days, you'll find that you're able to be more flexible with your daily schedule, whether you need to be pick up a kid from school or get home to intercept a package. Gone are the days of a rigid 8-5 schedule.

Reason #4: You Get to Shape the Environment

Are you tired of working in environments that are filled with drama or toxic behavior? When you start your own business, you'll be able to shape the environment the way you want it to look. From a flexible work culture that gives your employees the freedom to work from home to a fun, exciting place to work, you get to create the culture you've always dreamed of. You can even hand-pick your founding team, ensuring you're surrounded by people who invigorate and inspire you.

Reason #5: You're Investing in You

When you own your own business, your investments are your own. When you have an idea and choose to market it, you'll be the one to appreciate the benefits. Each time you take on increased training, the added work will benefit your income. Instead of your ideas and plans benefiting someone else, they'll benefit you.? Isn't it about time?

Reason #6: You'll Learn and Grow as Never Before

Owning your own business means learning and growth opportunities like nothing you've ever experienced in the past. You'll accomplish tasks that would never have been within the realm of responsibility at previous jobs. You will learn new skills and grow in your chosen profession in new ways.

Reason #7: Your Job Security Increases

While it's not uncommon for small businesses to fail, as an entrepreneur, you have the power to shape your own future--and as such, you have increased job security. There's no more worry that you'll walk into work one day and discover that you no longer have a job or that the position you've held for years has suddenly disappeared.

Reason #8: You Get to Make the Decisions

When you own your own business, you're the one who gets to make all the important decisions about day-to-day operations. From deciding which product or tactic to focus on to deciding what type of benefits will be offered to employees throughout the office--including yourself--the decision is yours. That level of freedom can be giddy.

This is especially true if you've spent years watching your superiors make decisions that made no sense.Starting your own business is an incredible journey--and one that's well worth it for many individuals. If you're ready to reap the benefits of owning your own business, but you need help getting the right numbers in place, contact us!

We'll help with your accounting needs and prepare you for an exciting future of self-employment. If you plan to create a start-up, we can even get you started securing funding and help you create a viable business plan. We look forward to hearing from you!