6 Of The Most Innovative Startups to Emerge in 2018


New startups are popping up in the business world all of the time. Some do well and others fizzle out within the first few months or years of existence. Yet others continue to chug along in mediocrity.

While not every startup can be an overnight success, some startups just have that "secret sauce" that it takes to be successful and to do so very quickly.Here are 6 of these super innovative startups that have emerged so far in 2018:


CoinJar has emerged as Australia's #1 bitcoin exchange so far in 2018. This service allows users to spend their bitcoins or dollars at over 950,000 EFTPOS that are located all throughout Australia. They currently run apps through both Android and iOS on the CoinJar Touch app. Users can manage their accounts with a simple tap of the screen on their smartphone or other mobile devices.CoinJar also boasts fee-free transfers when users use either BPAY or POLi to transfer their money.

Users can trade and sell their bitcoin confidently on their secured platforms for only a 1% flat buying and selling fee. This is definitely a startup to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency niche!


Nucleotrace is a technology that provides users with DNA tracing and identification technology. They have received backing from major VC companies throughout Australia including Blackbird Ventures and Startmate Accelerators. Nucleotrace moves forward confidently with the backing of these organizations. They've also received several awards including the Innovation Excellence Award, The Addison's Award, and The Deep Technology Award.

Nucleotrace also developed the first technology that can reliably detect counterfeit pharmaceuticals which are believed to be responsible for over one million deaths to date. This is done by obtaining information that is contained within each tablet including batch numbers and expiration dates.

Nucleotrace even has a technology that is able to perform ammunition fingerprinting using unbroken chains to help identify users, guns, and victims in homicide cases. They continue to develop more innovative technologies all the time.


CultureAmp has set the new "golden standard" for collecting and analyzing employee feedback as they work for big-name clients such as Nike, Airbnb, and many others. They automate the employee feedback process and help companies with employee surveys for those onboarding, exiting, or reaching other milestones. CultureAmp also tracks employee engagement and provides action plans for companies to improve their employee engagement. In 2017, they landed the company's Series C which raised over $20 million.


Tilr was started with the idea of removing cultural, religious, ethnic, and other stereotypes from the job hiring process. The company strives to remove many unconscious biases in the hiring process, providing equal opportunities for all workers. While Tilr is only available in 4 markets right now, they have their eyes set on expanding their services to 8-12 more markets by the end of 2018. Their motto is that "A cared for worker is typically a more productive worker." They seek to extend this care to all workers in all markets.


Qualtrics is a software company that designs and distributes software that allows users to collect and analyze data for their own research purposes. This company generated more than $250 million in revenue in 2017 alone. Qualtrics also loves to give back and has partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation as of 2016. They also launched an anti-cancer campaign to help with cancer research to help improve patient's odds of survival.


Shippo is a service that was founded with the goal of giving Amazon some competition and to help keep Amazon from completely monopolizing the online shipping industry. They help smaller businesses that aim to compete with Amazon by providing them with unique technologies. These include lower shipping rates, the ability to compare shipping rates and options, better tracking information, automized billing, and much more.

Their biggest break came when eBay Canada officially chose Shippo as their main shipper for all the products sold on their platform. They were also named to the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list for Enterprise Technologies.

These are just six of the newest and most innovative startups to watch in 2018. These companies have already accomplished big things in a relatively short period of time. Keep up with all things start-up by subscribing to the Numbersowl blog