5 Ways Start-Up Founders Can Get Their Time Back


As a start-up company, you are dedicated to getting your business up and running efficiently. This could mean that you are devoting up to 16 hours a day to your passion. Unfortunately, following your passion comes with some dirty work.

If handling the books isn't your strong suit or you just don't have time to dedicate to interviewing new clients, here are some ways that you can get your time back and still get the things done that need to happen. Outsourcing can provide a host of benefits to your company in the short and long term.

Here are a few of the best ways for start-up founders to get their time back:

Outsource the Financials

If handling the books isn't your thing or you just don't have enough time, consider outsourcing the financial aspects of your business. Numbersowl is a financial services company that provides virtual CFO and business advising to small businesses and start-up founders. We can help you shape your future so that you can make sound decisions with your money as your business continues to grow. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you see where you are going and to help you make smart decisions.

Hire a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Team

If the process of finding candidates for a project or full time position seems daunting, consider bringing on an RPO. RPOs are external companies that provide all aspects of the recruitment and hiring functions. Think of them as your marketing team for new hires. They work with potential candidates throughout the process and help you free up your time for other things. From beginning to end, they are the point of contact for the new hires, leaving the RPO as your point of contact for all those potential candidates.

Engage an HR Consulting Firm

As your company grows, so do the administrative tasks. You may want to consider bringing in an HR consulting firm to handle all the requirements associated with onboarding new employees like benefits, vacation and sick days, and addressing employees comments and concerns. Engaging an HR consulting firm helps provide prospective and strategies for how to engage your talent and keep them engaged once they have walked through the door.

Onboard an IT Consulting Firm

With the rapid pace of advancement in the technology industry and the proliferation of viruses and malware, hiring an IT consulting firm seems like a great option. It can be very expensive to retain someone on site with all the requisite knowledge to keep your company's information from being hacked. Why not outsource to a large company that employs a pool of people with the information needed. You will rest easy at night knowing your information is safe and secure.

Find a Marketing Firm

Need someone to help you get the word out? Working with a marketing firm can help you find the right outlets to spread your message. They can help you determine if attending a conference as a presenter is a better use of your time than spending a lot of money on a kiosk. Maybe a targeted ad campaign is in your company's best interest or possibly attending local events. Let the professionals help you determine the best use of your time.

While some of these options may seem like short-term solutions, others may be the way your company chooses to do business in the future. Imagine hiring a few different experts that can handle your everyday affairs and leaving you to do the business of business. As a start-up entrepreneur, it is important to manage growth effectively and outsourcing time-consuming tasks help free up your time and energy to do more productive things like growing revenue and expanding operations.

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