4 Tasks Start-up Founders Should Outsource

So you have started your own company! Congratulations!

But now what?

You started your business for a specific purpose. To use a simple example, let's say your business focuses on selling cupcakes online. As soon as you hire your first salesperson, you have a staff and a company and a business. For most people, there are certain expectations for their employer - there will be HR questions, health plan details to determine, scheduling to figure out, supplies to order, equipment to buy, and so on.

While some tasks can be handled in-house by either a staff member or yourself, there are?some that are best taken care of by the experts. Here are some of the key tasks start-up founders should consider outsourcing:

Online Services

Almost every company has some kind of website nowadays, not to mention social media accounts.

It is the easiest way to publicize those cupcakes, and get the word out.? However, if you prefer to use your pastry bag over your keyboard, you might need help starting and managing this avenue.

The simplest route is to utilize a freelancer at the beginning to build the website and social media platforms so that there is no long-term commitment before you have even sold your first chocolate cupcake.

Once everything is established, it can possibly be maintained in-house depending on your staff and time demands. For most start-up founders, however, it makes sense to continue outsourcing web design and IT management.

Customer Contact

Once you start baking, you are ready to start selling! There are several services that specialise in email lists such as Constant Contact for a minimal monthly cost.

The website can walk you through building and maintaining your email list. Imagine being able to contact hundreds of potential buyers with just twenty minutes of time invested in building your email promo.Another option is to hire a virtual assistant to field all of your calls and emails for you, especially as you get busier.Bonus Tip - One of the best promos to offer is "buy one, give one."

It encourages all of the potential customers you have contacted to bring a friend to your store!

Human Resources

This is a particularly delicate area of business ownership.? One wrong move, and you can suddenly be on the receiving end of something rather unfriendly.? There are consultants who specialize in navigating this arena, and spending a little time with a specialist can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Money Matters

Above all else, you want your business to make money.

You want to be able to pay yourself, pay your employees, and pay your bills.

Between cracking eggs and measuring out that cup of sugar, you probably will not have time to balance the chequebook, calculate your quarterly taxes, and make sure that the strawberries from last week have been paid for!

Bookkeeping can be one of the biggest headaches for any startup company.? That's where consultants will virtually pay for themselves!

Balancing the in-flow with the outflow is essential to keeping your doors open and your cupcakes selling.? That's where the experts come in!

By hiring a professional bookkeeping service, you can make sure that your focus stays where it needs to stay.

So before you get elbow-deep in the bag of flour, contact hello@numbersowl.com to start working on your money matter plan.

There are several service packages to consider, so you can decide which services would best suit your current needs as well as your future needs as your business grows. We specialize in a variety of bookkeeping and accounting services that can keep your red velvet cupcakes in the black