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5 Tips for Scaling Your Startup

Scaling a startup is about investing your time and your money in smart places so that the business revenues grow. It isn't always about hiring more people or investing in more technology although these can be components to your growth strategy. It's about knowing how,...

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Top Ten Hacks and Tricks When Using Xero Software

As most business owners and entrepreneurs are aware, when your business grows, your accounting headaches grow exponentially.  It almost seems to work like Christmas lights - you wind them up all nice and neat at the end of the season and somehow, in the dark box left...

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Why Your Business Needs an Annual Financial Health Check

Your business's financial health is a critical part of its success. Each year, you should be examining the financial health of your business to ensure that you're taking all the steps necessary to reach the financial success you're looking for. Hiring a CFO to take a...

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