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Getting it right from the start makes a huge difference. We are registered ASIC agents who incorporate new companies, manage your share register, appoint directors and register you with the ATO. So you can get on executing your plan.


Track cash flow

Almost 2 out of 3 businesses fail in the first 3 years. Why? They run out of cash. Our bookkeepers use Xero to help founders of online retailers, fitness studios, consults and software developers know how much cash they have, manage payroll and comply with GST.


Manage cash flow

We all think we can do it all. Building a great business requires time, focus and energy. Great founders know how to leverage their time. They delegate to experts early. Let our CFOs help you manage cash flow, prepare financial plans and understand financial reports.


Plan and manage growth

Business that fail to plan fails to achieve its goals. Our CFOs will help balance your big ideas and translate them into goals your business can achieve. Whether that be hiring great people, entering a new country, raising more capital, an acquisition or exiting.

Let's get to know each other

All accountants and bookkeepers are different - despite what some may tell you.  Finding the right firm is an important decision and can be like dating.  Just because your friend likes an accountant or CFO doesn't mean you will. We all have different skills and experiences.  Let's get to know each other today, the first meeting is on us and if you don't like us we'll understand.  


Our software partners

All of our services start with the goal of making life easier for you while providing you with the information you need to make great decisions. Accounting and bookkeeping is no longer about spending hours at tax time digging through a bunch of receipts to produce you a set of annual accounts and a letter advising you of what you should have done. Instead, we at CFOPartners have created Numbersowl as a digital first CA firm.

We are constantly searching the market to find you the best software tools, that automate key processes, reduce costs, and deliver you a near realtime views of how your business is performing.

Here are some of our favourites:



Accounting, payroll, project and expense management software.



Smart bookkeeping automation



Business reporting and forecasting with smart alerts


Looking to sell your business?


CFOPartners is always intrested in acquiring the right Accounting Firm or Accounting Technology Provider.  

If you are thinking about selling your firm or company in the next 3 - 18 months and have a profitable business turning over between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 per year, our inhouse capital advisors, Warramoo Ventures, would like would like to hear from you today.

 All discussions are confidential.


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